Barnett Family Dental Savings Plan

NO insurance? No problem! We would like to introduce our new dental savings plan. This makes dental care affordable and simple, one annual payment of $288, and reduced cost for additional household members ($250). Membership is good for one full year. No deductibles, no maximums, no monthly premiums, and no pre-authorizations. You won’t run into insurance premiums and copays, variable levels of coverage, waiting periods, or non-covered services.

This plan will cover two dental cleanings, two doctor exams, any fluoride treatment, and all necessary x-rays, typically a savings of $179+. Any work that would be necessary after that would be at a 15% discount, on all services. A few examples:

        • Bridge savings – $593
        • Crown – $198
        • 3 Surface filling – $53

This savings plan duration is for one full year, starting on the registration date. Plan members cannot use any other dental coverage or discount with the plan. All savings plan membership fees are non-refundable. All required fees are due the day of service. It will not cover any portion of specialist referral. Also, the savings plan will not apply to costs of dental care for injuries covered under workman’s compensation. The savings plan will not apply to dental care for which, in the sole opinion of the treating dentist or doctor, is not recommended or lies outside the realm of their capability.


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